A high school student in Columbia, Missouri has just made history by becoming the first-ever male student to win the title of homecoming queen in his state.

Zachary Willmore, a senior at Rock Bridge High School, won the distinction, in part, because he chose to run for queen rather than king. Early in October, he posted a poll to his Instagram page asking followers to vote as to whether he should seek the title of king or queen. This isn’t the first time Willmore has challenged his school’s preconceived notions about gender, either. He has challenged the school dress code on more than one occasion, wearing more femme or abstract outfits.

“Teachers were allowed to make the call of what was appropriate,” said Willmoe. “Many times I did feel like they could target students, and I did feel targeted in some scenarios.”

Zachary posted a video to his TikTok account of his big win. It also shows the school cheerleading squad–of which Zachary is a member–rushing the field to congratulate him.

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