Karaoke Performer Jayland is a whole vibe as he takes home the trophy and cash prize of $1,000 for winning the Vibes on The Drive first Karaoke Competition.

The six-month endeavor was no match for Jayland. We found out that the karaoke extraordinaire has been around the block several times over. Jayland is an avid karaoke connoisseur attending different karaoke establishments every single night of the week throughout South Florida. It goes without saying, karaoke is definitely one of his most cherished pastimes.

“I’ve been doing karaoke practically all my life [since] my early 20s,” the songbird shared with us. “I started out in Wilton manors at Hunters back in the days [when] it was known as Boom. Then, I ventured out to other places.”

The Vibes Karaoke Competition and Jayland couldn’t have been more of a perfect union. A guy who relishes Karaoke and an on-going competition that rewards the monthly winner with some cold hard cash. Every month the fan favorite of the online voters would receive $50 and advance on to the next round for the chance at the finale grand prize win.

It wasn’t an easy start for the karaoke fanatic. He had a slow climb in the beginning when he joined the competition. But as the months went on, the singer’s vocals became an undeniable force. Superstar Jayland managed to take home the monthly $50 cash prize twice during the lead up to the competition finale. It was the motivation he needed to prepare himself for his big win.

“I felt very blessed and honored that I had so much love and support. It’s wonderful knowing I had people cheering me on to win, not just the competition, but also in life,” a humbled Jayland commented. “I also felt a great deal of accomplishment putting me one step further in the direction that I wanted to go.”

Thanks to the online streaming component of the competition, Jayland’s voice was heard across the globe by people watching live on Facebook. Other than Florida, Facebook stats show we had viewers all along the east coast and even votes from California. The viewership didn’t stop there, people tuned in from other countries as well. Interestingly, there were viewers from Jayland’s birthplace, Jamaica, on the live – his reach went far.

“The difference with this karaoke competition is that I’m reaching a wider audience by singing more in public and also live across social media,” Jayland mentioned with excitement. “It’s different and I love it because I get to sing to different varieties of people across Facebook instead of just singing in one location at a time.”

Each contestant was encouraged to invite their friends and family to watch the live show so the Jamaican viewers can very well be part of Jayland’s personal universe. It wasn’t until he was 16 that he moved to the states with his parents in search for better opportunities. However, music has been part of his life since the age of three-years-old. He and his siblings even had a church singing group while in Jamaica. Singing is in the blood of this extreme “karaoker,” which might just have been the edge he needed to win the competition. Even Jayland’s ending song pick fits the mood of the finale, “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.

All the other competitors did a great job, especially the two that made it to the finale with Jayland. But ultimately, only one could walk away with the prize and by now we all know who that was. Jayland, congratulations on your Vibes Karaoke Competition win.

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