This Holiday Season it will be grand to connect with family and friends again! The bad news is that this time of year can wreak havoc with your nutritional plans and exercise schedule. Christmas parties, oh so tasty fattening foods, and extra booze calories can add inches to your waistline in 2022. Missed workouts can set you back with your goals and make you really frustrated. So, what is a body to do? One answer is to eat more nutritious, filling, and beneficial foods that will fill you up (without the calories), give you energy, and help you resist the regular holiday suspects with their deadly fat and calories!

An apple a day may not actually keep the doctor away, but certain fruits, like apples can keep hunger pangs at bay. High fiber fruits like apples, pears and plumbs generally require more chewing time, giving your body extra time to register the fact that you are no longer hungry. They are also rich in fiber which helps to make you feel satiated. Therefore, you’re less likely to over- eat.

Real oatmeal is one of the healthiest carbohydrates. It’s low on the glycemic index and has a high fiber content, so it enters your bloodstream slowly and keeps you full for a long time. One bowl of oatmeal consumed daily can reduce cholesterol 8-23 percent. For breakfast or as a snack, a small bowl of oatmeal not only provides long lasting energy, but it makes an excellent appetite suppressant. Throw some chopped up fresh fruit and even a scoop of protein into your bowl of oatmeal and you have a perfect nutrient dense, energy meal.

Flaxseed oil is the best- known plant source of omega-3 fats, but raw flax seeds are even better, especially for appetite control. One ounce of flaxseed provides the added benefit of 8 grams of fiber. Fiber fills you up and when you’re full you eat less. Studies at the National Cancer Institute show that flax seeds lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and can increase good cholesterol (HDL).

Whey protein powder can help you lose weight, build muscle, and control your appetite. This inexpensive, easily assimilated protein also supports the immune system and lowers blood pressure. One study even suggests that whey protein has a fat burning property in it. For body builders who must eat 5 or 6 times a day, a whey shake makes a wonderful meal replacement both before and after a workout.

If you want to avoid overeating, try eating a small salad before a meal. The fiber helps slow the entrance of glucose into the bloodstream, making you less likely to be hungry. Use simple oil and vinegar or light dressings you can make at home and vary your salad choices with spinach, mesculin, endives and cabbages.

There you have it! Eat all of the salad, veggies, fruits and protein you like, never get fat and curb your appetite from harmful holiday cravings. Enjoy the season and remember, you are in control!