We don’t know if Dan Levy is a Brunch Gay, but it’s clear that his character from “Schitt’s Creek” is. So, call it typecasting if you like, but Levy is about to host an HBO Max reality cooking competition series called “The Big Brunch.” Levy is also the creator (OK, real-life Brunch Gay status confirmed, which means it’s not mere typecasting but rather a brand building monetization of a hobby) and “Chef’s Table” production company Boardwalk Pictures is along for the ride, as well. The chefs in competition will be food-fighting for an undisclosed “life-altering” prize, while sharing their stories and career aspirations along the way to frittata triumph or crushing defeat. At this point, everything from knitting to glass-blowing is its own competition series now, so why not brunch? This feels like the kind of show we’re going to watch with a tall stack of blueberry pancakes and some champagne.


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