Nico Tortorella (“Younger”) will star alongside Heather Matarazzo, Juan Pablo Di Pace (“Fuller House”), Carl Clemons-Hopkins (“Hacks”) and Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek”) in the film “The Mattachine Family.” Andy Vallentine, a video and commercial director, will make his feature directorial debut from a screenplay by his husband Danny Vallentine. And if the word “Mattachine” leads you to believe this is a period film about the queer civil rights movement, you’d be mistaken. Instead, it’s a drama about a queer foster family.

Di Pace (left) & Tortorella (right) via Instagram

Tortorella and Di Pace play a couple who foster a child, and when that child returns to his birth mother, questions about and perspectives on what makes a family suddenly come into play. We’re fully into the queer family angle here, but what we’re really pleased with is the fact that the screenwriter, director and all the main cast are queer people. So now, with the Billy Eichner rom-com turning into a roll call of LGBTQ+ performers, we think we as audience members should just start demanding it every time a new queer film goes into production. If DC Comics fanboys can yell about the Synder Cut long enough and get their way, we can too. (P.S. We won’t be doing this because it’s obnoxious. Or maybe just once to flex our entitlement muscles. Why not?)