Tis the season of overeating, returning to small hometowns, endless present shopping, and—perhaps most importantly—curling up at night to watch heartwarming (and cheesy) holiday movies.

Queer News Tonight previously reported on the announcement of the movie, but the trailer shows that “Single All the Way” almost reaches the Hallmark-level of silly/overly sweet, but who’s to say that’s a bad thing? It still manages to capture the magic of spending time with loved ones over the holidays, recounting embarrassing stories and even rehearsing made-up dance routines to Britney Spears’ “Santa, Can You Hear Me?” with younger nieces and nephews. But the best part of “Single All the Way” is its running theme of love and acceptance, presenting a gay man whose entire family is supportive and actively cheers on his journey to find love. It avoids the common clichés that most stories about same-sex relationships fall into, which was a conscious decision by Tony Award-winning director Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening), who wanted to tell a queer love story where no one had any trepidation about addressing their sexuality, nor stereotyping its queer characters. “Single All The Way” is now streaming on Netflix.