After a queer couple was reprimanded at Six Flags Mexico for kissing on December 29th, a group of straight allies staged a “Kiss-A-Thon” the next day in protest.

A friend of the couple posted about the kiss in a now-viral tweet saying, “The argument was that the park is a ‘family environment’ and that gay kisses are an attack on that.”

He posted a video of one of the park’s directors scolding them and added, “[He] told us that in general all displays of affection were prohibited and that it was in the regulations, we reviewed the regulations with him and that paragraph does not appear… They also pointed us out, took us out of line, and threatened to take us out of the park for not complying with the ‘family environment’ rule.”

On December 30, a besotón or kiss-a-thon was scheduled outside the park. Dozens gathered for the kiss-a-thon, with some carrying rainbow flags.

Makeup artist Matt Bernstein called out the company saying, “There was never a policy that states you can’t kiss at six flags. Y’all made that up to do damage control after kicking out a gay couple because they made you uncomfortable.”