So many Karens, so little time. For those of you who may have lived under a rock for the past decade, the term “Karen” has come to describe people, generally women, who feel they are entitled to get exactly what they want no matter the actual rules or how it may affect others. We’ve gathered 9 of our favorite Karens to hate from the amazing subreddit /EntitledKarens.

Our first Karen was very upset by acceptance. When she saw someone’s “Coexist” bumper sticker, she wrote a note that she taped to the person’s window. She decided to speak for the entire Christian community by saying that the Cross was being disrespected by showing it with other religious icons.

The next Karen wins the “Parent of the Year” award for compassion. Not. She wrote a letter to Kroger very upset because of a trans woman working in the produce department. The letter read, “that person in produce I think should be somewhere where we don’t have to look at he she or it…I should not have to be subjected to my grandchildren having to see that abomination while we are trying to get groceries.”

The next Karen had to go for a CT scan, but refused to wear a mask. She wrote a very long story about how she kept escalating the issue as a “violation of her rights”. The story finally ends in her saying how embarrassed she was that a tech finally agreed to do the scan, but only if they were wearing a full biohazard suit. While that was likely the point of them doing so, she still was proud of herself for getting her way.

The next Karen is a special kind of evil. Frequently, barbers and cosmetologists will offer free haircuts for homeless people so that they can get jobs or generally function in society. This woman was so upset that she couldn’t verify the license of the person giving haircuts on the side of the road that she wanted to call the police.

I may be the privileged white guy, but I love people of all walks of life. This Karen however has a different viewpoint. She seems to be afraid that white people are going to go extinct. Maybe in her case it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Kids love birthdays. Pandemic made celebrating very difficult for many kids to have their special day. A great workaround was “car parades” where family and friends would drive by the home of the person celebrating honking horns, cheering, and playing music. This Karen wasn’t having it though, and decided to stand in the middle of the street to stop one such parade.

Our next Karen is the gold-digging kind. After cheating on her husband with his best friend and getting the pre-nup thrown out, she is trying to get even more alimony. Even though her ex husband is living in a hotel since she got the house.

Then there’s this California Karen who flipped out on a Starbucks employee because of the store’s mask policy (that seems to be a running theme). After she flipped off the employee then came back and posted their picture online to try and shame them, people sided with the poor Barista and started a GoFundMe for them. After over $50,000 was raised for him, the Karen tried to sue him for some of the money.

Finally, we have the Kitty Karen. This woman begged her friends online to adopt a cat that was at the shelter. She decided she wanted the cat for herself and her family instead, and then posted a rant that the animal had been “adopted out from under her.” Make up your mind Karen.

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