One of the breakout hits at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was the debut feature from writer-director Adamma Ebo, “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.” Produced by Daniel Kaluuya and Ebo’s twin sister Adanne Ebo, the comedy is a satirical look — with its narrative roots in real life events — at big money megachurches and what happens when their empires threaten to crumble. Sterling K. Brown (“This is Us”) plays the pastor of an anti-gay Southern Baptist megachurch whose own secret sexual life comes to light. As the scandal unfolds, his wife, played by Regina Hall (“Girls Trip”), has to push forward and rebuild or risk losing everything. Focus Features has picked up the film for distribution, probably sometime later this year. While you’re waiting for this comedy of religious hypocrisy to land gently in theaters on the wings of angels, check out the unnerving documentary “Jesus Camp” and its own closeted pastor Ted Haggard. Truth, it still turns out, is always stranger than fiction.