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Johnny comes to the work room and informs the Gogo’s that he has a special guest tutor, and he brings out JoJo Guadz (one of the judges) who is infamous for Twerking. He then mentors the Gogo’s on how to Twerk.

Once they are trained, Johnny tells the Gogo’s if they need something sexy for the Twerk-off to feel free to take something from the Andrew Christian Underwear wall. When they arrive to the main stage, they their audience is seniors. Johnny then explains that the Go-Go who gets the most smiles from the seniors is the winner that week and receives immunity from elimination the following week.

After the twerk-off the top three were AJ, Rico and Ken with Rico taking the win. The bottom three were Steve, Bryant and Max, but Bryant has immunity, so he is safe and the judges send Max home.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Max for the exclusive Hotspots interview:

How long have you been Go-Go dancing and how did you get into it?

I guess like on an off for like 7 years. I started getting into it when I was like 25. I had known somebody that was dancing, and he posted pics on Insta with all the money he made and I asked him how I could get some. He invited me to come up to Phoenix to work with him and I got hooked. 

How did you pick your Go-Go Boy name?

My biological fathers last name was Max. My parents never got married so I didn’t have his last name, so I decided to use his last name for my first name. Adonis is a party in LA and N.Y. that I was Go-Go dancing for, so I picked that name. Also, it’s a name to inspire to be. 

Do you have a move you are famous for or anything you are famous for?

Shaking my dick around. 

How excited were you when you found out you had been chosen for the inaugural season of “Go-Go For the Gold?”

I was very excited, even though I didn’t know how big it would be. It turned out to be way bigger than we expected. In addition, Johnny was great!

Do you wish you would have done anything differently?

Probably taken a dance class before, but honestly, we only had 2 weeks to prepare. I was in a van cross country, so I didn’t have a lot of time.

Now that you have been eliminated, who do you want to win and why?

I definitely want Rico to win as his talent is next level and is he exactly the person that would be perfect to represent season 1. 

I heard you are single, what are you looking for in a man?

Someone I can go to dinner with, and who is accepting and supportive.  I am also a sucker for pretty eyes. 

What does the future hold for you?

I feel like I am just starting on my adventure of life, and I expect more Go-Go dancing and adult performing. I also love to cook.


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