Hair loss can be a sensitive topic for men (Photo by emre keshavarz)

When men start losing their hair, they can either go with it or fight it. Some choose to shave their head or just let their hair do its thing. Others look for ways to slow down the loss or cover up sparser hair spots.

Some techniques for the fight against baldness include pills, topical lotions, hair transplants or hair pieces. But where to start? Which would be the best treatment?

Hotspots spoke with local businesses who specialize in hair replacement to learn more.

Dr. Rafael Sierra, surgeon at Sierra Robotic Hair Institute in Fort Lauderdale, said that general, environmental, and chemical damage can affect hair.

“For instance, harsh chemicals such as bleaching/dying hair can weaken the hair. Stop using any product if you see a rapid change and hair loss,” he said, regarding hair loss prevention.

“When someone notices that they’re losing their hair, the best thing to do is to see a doctor that can explain and develop a strategy to slow down hair loss — early intervention is key,” he added.

Sierra suggests finding a physician that can explain the different kinds of treatments, as well as the cost and efficacy of each one of them.

“There are multiple medications, laser therapy, scalp injections with platelet rich plasma (PRP), vitamins, etc.,” he said. “There’s a lot of information and it can be confusing.”

Sierra is a board-certified surgeon with over 18 years of surgical experience and is known for his experience in robotic surgery.

Sierra offers individualized treatment plans unique to each patient, including hair transplants (robotic and manual FUE), platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, micro pigmentation, IV therapy, medications, vitamins, and more.

Lisa Nothardt, owner of Hair Solutions of Fort Lauderdale, creates handmade hair pieces for men.

When asked what men can do to slow down hair loss, she said they can try Biotin or work on their stress levels.

“Hair loss is caused by stress or genetics,” she said.

Regarding options for when the loss is significant, she said men can either go the medical or non-surgical route.

“Non-surgical is probably the most successful and most affordable of all,” she said.

She said transplants don’t always take and can be very costly.

“When you say you want your hair back, you want your full hair back and that doesn’t usually happen with transplants,” she said.

The licensed cosmetologist has been working in the hair replacement business for more than 25 years. She said, when it comes to custom made hairpieces, the pieces that are less thick look the most real.

“My opinion is less is more,” she said.  “Some people want more hair, but that isn’t the most natural looking.”

Hair Solutions offers hair systems, hair pieces, hair replacement, cancer wigs and extensions and can help recreate your hairline and add density.

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