Dear Andreus,

My best friend and I work at the same place, though I have been there longer. We both applied for a newly created position, that meant higher status and pay. Because we are best friends, we wished each other good luck, and vowed to be happy no matter which one of us got the position. The idea was that whoever gets promoted, then helps the other to move up. Well, my best friend got the position, and I can’t help but feel slighted. I have been there longer and worked harder, and though I want to be happy for him, I just can’t seem to shake this feeling. I told him that I was happy for him, but I almost want to leave and get another job. Is it bad that I feel this way?


Carlos P.

Dear Carlos,

There is something very human about being competitive. I would try not to take your friend’s promotion to heart. Remember that the plan was that whoever gets the position helps the other to advance. Try not to think of it from a perspective of loss, but maybe as an opportunity to get ahead, since you now have your friend in a position to potentially help you. Is this not what you would be doing for your friend if you got the promotion? Give things some time, and they should work themselves out. Be a friend, be supportive, and you might move up quicker than you think!