Murray and Peter have been producing Drag Race tours for many years and they give top notch shows that everyone loves. In addition, they offer an incredible Meet and Greet for fans who want to meet their favorite Drag Race celebrities. Their new tour “A Drag Queen Christmas” comes to Florida this week:  Monday, December 26 in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward Center, Tuesday, December 27 in Miami at the James L Knight Center, Wednesday, December 28 in Orlando at Plaza Live, and Thursday, December 29 in Clearwater at the Ruth Eckerd Hall. For tickets go to

A couple weeks before the tour I sat down with Brooke Lynn Hytes for this exclusive Hotspots interview: 

You were the first Drag Race competitor to become a full-time judge, how did it feel when you were offered the position?

It felt pretty amazing quite honestly, and it felt surreal as I had no idea that was even on the table. I couldn’t have asked for a better gig.

After the first season of Canada’s Drag Race, did it go as well as you expected?

The first season was a little rocky, as there were a lot of kinks to iron out. It was new to all of us, and it was very chaotic. We kind of got into the groove of things in season two.

Was it hard to judge some of the queens that I am sure you knew and had relationships with?

I am friends with a lot of the queens that have competed on the show. Many of them I grew up doing drag with. Everyone was so respectful of me and my role and no one ever made it weird, so it wasn’t hard for me.

How well do you Tracy and Brad get along off camera?

So well, its kind of ridiculous. Tracy oils kind of the mom of the set and Brad and I are her two children. Since Brad and I both live in LA we go to diner like twice a month. Back stage we are all together getting ready. It’s become a really easy fun environment.

How exciting was it to get Canada Vs The World?

It was very exciting. Again, it was not anything that I thought was on the table. Another wonderful surprise that fell in my lap.

Are you single or have a partner? 

I am very single, and I am looking for someone who is tall dark and handsome. In addition, I need someone who makes me feel safe and taken care of. And I don’t mean financially.

How is Branjie?

Dead and in the ground. But we are still great friends. We spoke the other week.

Do you still dance ballet?

No, I don’t. I am a little too old for that now.

Who are you close with from your season and from the entire franchise?

From my season I am close with Vangie, Silkie, Ra’Jah, and Nina. From other seasons Detox, Bianca, Kornbred, and Monet. Actually I have never had a bad experience with any of the RuPaul girls, so I am friendly with all of them.

You have won 2 Canadian Screen Awards (2021 and 2022), how did that feel, and was it even better the second time?

Canada makes much less of a big deal of winning awards then they do in the US. But its still amazing and I am still so overwhelmed with it. I am super grateful.

What should our readers expect from Murray and Peter’s A Drag Queen Christmas?

This is a fantastic show. It is a very well-rounded cast: Comedy, dancing, beauty, etc. We have lip synching and live singing. There is also some non-Christmas music, which is what I provide. Seriously the show is super fun, and the cast is amazing on and off stage. I promise your readers they will have a great time!!


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