With less than a month until the next legislative session, Texas voters are skeptical that the state government will address their needs, according to a new poll.

The survey from the University of Texas at Austin found that 46% said the state government “mostly ignores” residents’ needs, while 37% said the state government “mostly addresses the needs of Texas.” The last time the pollsters asked that question — in October 2017 — the trend was reversed, with a plurality expressing satisfaction with the state government’s attentiveness to their needs.

When it came to certain issues that could factor into the next session, which starts Jan. 10, here’s what the poll found: With Republicans looking to punish businesses, they deride as “woke,” the survey asked voters how they think corporations are handling six social issues. More than any issue, respondents said businesses were doing “too much” responding to LGBTQ+ rights, with 36% holding that view. When it came to the issue respondents thought businesses were doing “too little” on, climate change led the way with 44%.

The poll also found that Texas voters continue to be most focused on the border. Thirty percent of voters called border security or immigration the most important problem facing the state today, far more than any other kind of issue. “Inflation/rising prices” and “political corruption/leadership” followed behind at 10% each.