A journalist has released recent recordings in which gay Rep. George Santos (R-NY) admits that he “f*cked up” by lying to voters and his own congressional staff about his personal history. The journalist, Derek Myers, secretly recorded the January 30 conversation after briefly working for Santos on a volunteer basis. In the recording, Santos revealed to Myers that he wouldn’t be hired for a full-time position on Santos’s staff because of Myers’ past legal troubles.

According to Talking Points Memo (TPM), Santos can be heard saying in the recording, “I’ve made bad judgment calls, and I’m reaping the consequences of those bad judgment calls.” In the January 30 recording, Santos told Myers it’s bad enough that he has to answer for his mistakes, and he does not want to answer for Myers’s mistakes.

Myers told TPM that he found it hypocritical for Santos to hold the charges against him, seeing as Santos had already been widely condemned for faking large parts of his personal and work history. Santos also joked about the possibility of Myers secretly recording the conversation in the recording. Myers said he wanted to share the recording now because it shines a light on Santos and his office.