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The annual Mr. Florida Rubber Contest (MFR) takes place this weekend and features many fun events from Thursday, February 16, through Sunday, February 19. The events include Welcome Cookout, Gear Swap, a Sober Social, Dungeon Party, Opening Dance Party, Champagne Showroom, MFR 2023 Contest, EagleWM Carnivale Party, and Victory Poolside Picnic.

The reigning Mr. Florida Rubber, who went on to win Mr. International Rubber, is Fort Lauderdale’s own Pusckatt Pumera ONYX (he, him, his). Pusckatt slipped into the Shiny Rubber Community in 2019. He identifies as a proud Rubberist and artist of gender expression. Pusckatt has grabbed the kink community of Southern Florida and soon the world and utilizes every moment to engage people on the topic of Kink.

Pusckatt is the President of ONYX Deep South, a regional chapter of The Men of ONYX. He is a Board Member of Ujima Men’s Collective and is an active member of Stonewall Knights.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Pusckatt just a couple of weeks before Mr. Florida Rubber Weekend for this exclusive Hotspots interview:

How did you get started in the Rubber World?

My journey started when a close friend competed at Mr. Florida Rubber in 2019. I was initially hesitant to try on Latex due to its delicate nature. Knowing I enjoy sensory play, he encouraged me to try it. We attended the MFR opening party at Ramrod, and I enjoyed the sensation of consensual rubbing all over me. Since then, I have been on the slick, shiny side of Kink.

When did you think about competing?

The Ramrod story happened in 2019, and I dabbled around with the idea. In 2021 is when I made the official decision to run for the MFR title.

When did you enter a contest?

In 2022, is the first time I entered a contest, Mr. Florida Rubber, and my reasoning for entering was representation for people of color and those who are gender non-conforming. I won the Mr. Florida Rubber title in 2022, giving me great exposure all over Florida and beyond.

How did you feel when you were getting ready to enter?

I was excited but nervous at the same time when I entered MFR. Due to my work preparing, I felt my chances were high, to win. But there was always the sense of nervousness when you want to do well.

Once you won, how did you prepare for Mr. International Rubber (MIR)?

Mentally, I knew exactly what I was getting into and made sure my personal, professional, and financial life would be in line if I were lucky enough to win Mr. International Rubber. I had a great support team that helped with several mock interviews and preparing for the MIR contest. I also made sure to stay visible by doing a lot of community work around Florida and meeting many people. When I left for Chicago to compete, I was nervous but felt as ready as I could be to compete.

How many contestants were there?

Eight amazing contestants from all over the world, including Milan, Paris, and Australia.

What were the categories?

Interview, Rubber Representation, Pop Question, Fantasy, and the categories end with Shiny Charades.

How exciting was it to win the international contest?

There genuinely are not any words to describe the excitement of winning. I was the 26th Mr. International Rubber and the first Black and gender non-conforming winner.

What have you done since winning and what will you do all year?

Since winning the 26th MIR, so much has changed quickly. I have been fortunate to have members of the Kink community inviting me to visit their communities. I have a very extensive travel schedule traveling domestically and internationally to destinations such as Antwerp, Paris, Milan, Rome, Manchester, Berlin, Melbourne, Mexico City, Dublin, and Barcelona.

Do you have to have a platform as Mr. International Rubber?

They don’t require it, but I do have one. My platform is StandOUT – Owning, Embracing Your Individuality.

Do you have a personal motto?

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

What are the misconceptions about the Rubber Community?

The rubber community is more playful and more about the kink and the fun. The fetish community is changing, and I want everyone to feel embraced no matter how they self-identify; we are all a community.

What advice do you give the contestants this year at Mr. Florida Rubber?

Enjoy the journey of the weekend. Remain true to yourself and maintain a positive attitude. At the end of the day, each contestant is a winner for allowing themselves the opportunity to be vulnerable on stage in front of the community.

Is there something I didn’t ask you that you want to talk about?

Often times people don’t realize that being a title holder can add a new level of challenges in a marriage, relationship and/or dynamic.  My amazing husband, Vison Onyx, genuinely blesses me with endless love and support.

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