Kristen Browde is not a new name in American LGBTQ+ Activism. As past chair of the National Trans Bar Association she knows the legal ins and outs of the hateful rhetoric that is increasing in voice in America. This attorney has run for New York State legislature and was a central champion for Equality New York. Now she is a new resident of South Florida and her impact on Florida has seen immediate results. This week Browde was elected by the Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus as Vice President. Browde’s first interview was to sit down with Queer News Tonight lead anchor Al Ferguson. Browde first wanted to see Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub and the memorial, a first ever visit. As she approached the iconic Pulse sign with Al, she became emotional of what Pulse meant to the LGBTQ+ community and the hateful politics and religious extremism that led to the tragedy. She sits down for this exclusive interview and discusses Florida, Governor DeSantis and what has to happen next for Trans and LGBTQ+ equality.