The legendary adult film star Stormy Daniels has dealt with more than her fair share of scrutiny since 2018 when it emerged that Donald Trump had paid her $130,000 in hush money over an affair she claims they had in 2006. After the story broke, things went from bad to worse for her.

Stormy tells PinkNews, “There was a point where it was just flat-out overwhelming. I couldn’t go anywhere.”

But to reduce Stormy Daniels to her interaction with Trump would be a mistake. She’s a veteran in the adult entertainment business, a talented director, a witty stand-up comedian, and an impassioned advocate.

And now, after living through the “worst five years”, Stormy is bouncing back. She is giving back to her gay fandom with For the Love of DILFS, the new reality dating show that sees “daddies” and “himbos” thrown together to find love, and win a cash prize.