The organization’s financial health is questionable. One of those questions is: when will they repay money owed to CAN Community Health? The answer is: not soon.

In this week’s SFGN, online now and on stands tomorrow, I exclusively report that CAN received an email that $50,000 owed them will not be arriving on a previously agreed upon schedule. CAN/Midland Health pulled out as a sponsor of Pride of the Americas, an event produced last month by Pride, citing a lack of transparency by, and questionable management of, the organization. They were a major sponsor, and had paid 75 of 100 thousand dollars pledged for this year and asked for their money back. A tentative schedule was set.

Now CAN/Midland, an important resource in our community, has no idea when the debt will be repaid. Moments after they were notified, I reached out to CAN’s Chief Communications Officer, Roger Capote, who said, “We have no comment on the issue. All requests should be directed to our in-house counsel.”

That phrasing represents a huge escalation. Pride’s president, Miik Martorell, said they are working it out, telling me, “CAN/Midland are great people that we appreciate wholeheartedly and we will work with them.” Martorell says despite issues at Pride this year, there are no plans to file bankruptcy and another insider says the event beat expectations and made money. However, the revelation of delays to CAN/Midland are raising eyebrows.

You can read more of this story at SFGN, online now and on stands tomorrow.