On March 7th, Gilead Sciences announced the company would be webcasting its corporate presentation at two of the investor conferences: the ROTH Growth Stock Conference in Dana Point, California and the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference in Miami. Kevin Young, Gilead’s Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations, provided an overview of the company at the Barclays conference on Tuesday.

AHF has been fighting against Gilead for the past year, dubbing the massive pharmaceutical company ‘Greediad’ after the company limited what medications are covered by the 340B pricing restrictions, and offers special discounts to providers who use Gilead contracted pharmacies.  AHF President Michael Weinstein said, “Gilead’s greed has also reached a new level, intentionally wrecking the HIV health care safety net, slashing its patient assistance programs. Harvoni, one of the HIV drugs now subject to Gilead’s illegal 340B restrictions, is priced at one-thousand dollars per pill for people without insurance, which is just madness.”

AHF has been hosting continual protests against Gilead since early in 2022, appearing at conferences in major cities around the world.  Yesterday, representatives and volunteers from AHF appeared at the Barclay’s conference with signs reading ‘Stop Being Greedy’ and ‘Greediad’.