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Arianna’s Center

Arianna’s Center engages, empowers and lifts up the trans community of South Florida. We place a special emphasis on the most marginalized, including the Trans Latinx community, undocumented immigrants, people living with HIV and AIDS, and those who have experienced incarceration. Our organization is one of the only organizations in all of Florida that is led by and anchored within the transgender community. We are the only organization that combines competency around immigrant experiences (including undocumented immigrants), sex workers, HIV, and trans competence. Pound for pound, we deliver broader and more significant services than any existing provider. We are trusted and respected within the community.


The McKenzie Project

The McKenzie Project Inc. is a Black trans-led organization in South Florida. We aim to uplift Black transgender and Non-binary individuals ages 18 and up, throughout Miami Dade and Broward County, primarily focusing on Black transgender andNon-binary folks in Liberty City. The McKenzie Project caters explicitly to those experiencing homelessness, engaging in survival sex work, or living with HIV. It is our mission to live, learn, and participate in building community and centering spaces by and for Black transgender and nonbinary individuals to promote entrepreneurship and innovation for us to become self-sufficient and flourish.​


Transinclusive Group

Based in Wilton Manors, Transinclusive Group is a Trans-led nonprofit advocating to            protect and defend equality for all transgender and LGBTQ+ individuals in South Florida and beyond. While building trust and relationships with community providers, we strive to end discrimination, stigma, and racial disparities to address social determinants of health. As an advocacy-driven organization with a concentrated focus on serving transgender people of color, Transinclusive Group works to ensure that everyone has equitable access to essential services, support, and resources. From emergency crisis assistance to peer support groups, educational workshops, and impactful community events, we provide a broad spectrum of innovative support systems that uplift and empower.



TransSOCIAL, Inc. is a Trans-led nonprofit working to expand safe and affirming resources for our Trans, gender expansive, and Intersex community. We offer assistance with legal name and gender marker changes; health insurance denial appeals for gender-affirming surgery, wage theft, employment discrimination assistance, affirming medical and mental health linkage, peer support groups and events, and a comprehensive TLGBQ+ Cultural Sensitivity Training for businesses, healthcare providers and organizations.


Adrianna Tender

Adrianna Tender is a transgender advocate and healthcare practitioner. She has an associate degree in Psychology and has just finished a bachelor’s program in Psychology from FIU. She has extensive education and experience in HIV prevention and health care related to transgender individuals. She is the Program Coordinator withTransinclusive Group and owns Tender loving Care Trans Mentoring. Adrianna’s lived experiences, growing up without being able to see a representation of who she was, made her have a love for service work, being able to be a voice for the voiceless and fight for transgender equality. She serves on the National Board of Governors of the Human Rights Campaign, the Board of Directors for the Dolphin Democrats, and Black LGBTQ Liberation. She is a member of several civic and political organizations and attends Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

Arianna Lint

Arianna Lint is a passionate trans educator and advocate, originally from Peru, where she graduated from Law School. She has worked for the Florida Health Department in the field of HIV and AIDS since 2006. As a transgender woman, she has seen firsthand how her own community has been ravaged by this life-altering disease. Arianna dedicates her time to educating, mentoring & advocating for people in her community. She is experienced in public speaking and facilitating classes and workshops about transgender issues, HIV in transgender communities, and diversity. She also provides pre/post counseling and testing and event planning in the field of HIV prevention, doing outreach for those at risk of contracting HIV.  Arianna has had the opportunity to work with ADAP & Cheers for Peers and the Work Group for Transgender people in the State of Florida and for the Florida Health Dept. Later o,n in an Immunology Clinic, she was on the front lines with people infected & affected by HIV as a Family Support Worker and as a Human Services Counselor II.

Ashley Mayfaire

Ashley’s passion for community organizing and social justice issues has led to their current role in non-profit management. After experiencing firsthand the barriers their husband, Morgan, faced during his gender transition from female to male, Ashley and Morgan co-founded TransSOCIAL, Inc. to build a network of resources and support for the Trans community. Ashley frequently speaks on educational panels and is constantly creating new curricula for TransSOCIAL’s TLGBQ+ Cultural Sensitivity Training for businesses, healthcare providers ,and universities, making sure that they are compliant with federal non-discrimination guidelines and creating safer and affirming spaces for Trans people to access care and public accommodations. They engage the community in HIV prevention and treatment efforts by participating in the South Florida AIDS Network as ARCH Broward Committee Chair,. They have consulted for multiple Trans-focused research projects. An alumna of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Ashley spends their free time creating art and tending to their furry and feathered children.

Brayland Brown

Brayland Brown is an unapologetically black man of trans experience. He is the Board President of Translnclusive Group, which advocates to protect and defend equality for Transgender and LGBQ in South Florida. Brayland is also the Co-founder and Co-director of The Smile Trust, which is an international nonprofit that works towards Community Resilience, Housing & Food Security for all. He is a proud alumnus of the prestigious HBCU, Howard University, with a BBA in marketing, and Nova Southeastern University with a master’s degree in marketing. He is a serial Entrepreneur with a focus on developing Black Owned Startups and Small Businesses. Fun Facts: Bray is a sneaker connoisseur, LEGO collector, and writer.

Camille Lewis

Camille Lewis is an Unapologetic Black Woman of Transgender Experience, Her passion for community is evident when she walks into a room. From her hard work developing programing in community health centers, facilitating workshops, serving on community relation boards, now working with the Florida Department Of Health Miami-Dade County as a Senior Health Educator, her mission is to dispel all false narratives of transgender individuals. Her daily life’s motto is “Be the exception and not the rule.”

Carvelle Estriplet

Carvelle is the owner of Carvelle Bikes in Wilton Manors and has long been an advocate for LGBTQ rights and believes in leading by example. She is the Deputy Director of the LGBTQ Democratic Caucus and serves on the Community Affairs Advisory Board of Wilton Manors, that provides a vehicle to maintain a high quality of life through greater citizen participation by providing a conduit for cooperation and communication between the city commission and community.

Jasmine McKenzie

Jasmine McKenzie was born and raised in Miami, Florida. A black transgender woman, fighting for equity for the TLGBQ+ community is her top priority. Before Jasmine got into the line of work with community advocacy in 2016, she became the executive director of Color N Raw which was a community-based modeling agency which has now become a youth enrichment program for young black TLGBQ+ folks in both Miami and Broward County. In August 2019, Jasmine opened her first drop-in center and the first black drop-in center in Fort Lauderdale, which catered to the South Florida ballroom community and allies. On Feb 8th, 2020, she started a Black trans-led and Black trans-focused organization. Named The McKenzie Project Inc. where She serves as the founder and executive director. It was the 15th day of August 2022 when both The McKenzie Project and TRANSsocial opened two drop-in resource centers in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Ms. McKenzie is also a passionate and active member of the South Florida Ballroom community and serves as the mother of The Iconic and Legendary House of Ebony and is the Co-Chair for Trans Pride Fort Lauderdale. Jasmine is the band-aid covering all the healing wounds of those who have been broken and abused in the south Florida trans community. 

Jessmarie Gonzalez

Jessmarie Gonzalez is the Chief Executive Director of TTHP United and the Lead Behavioral Health Community Specialist at Care Resource. In addition, She is a member of the Trans Inclusive Group advisory committee and  the “ Major Events Officer” for the  AHF FLUX Board, Florida Chapter. She collaborates with a diverse group of community organizations in Broward County, allowing her to provide individualized, targeted care to each client. Her specialties include TLGBQ+ care, PrEP, substance use peer counseling, and patient advocacy. She has over 21 years of experience serving the LGBTQ+ community and ten years of experience assisting individuals newly diagnosed with HIV and/or other Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Misty Alicea

Misty Eyez joined SunServe in 2015 as an educator and trainer to help create and launch the LGBTQ Proficiency Training and Consulting Program. Soon afterward, she added on the responsibilities of case management for transgender clients, linking clients to biomedical prevention, mental health therapists, and other vital services.  Before she knew it, Misty was the director of 3 departments at SunServe.  The Director of Transgender Services, Women’s Services, and Training /Education. Misty is a highly celebrated and award-winning entertainer, emcee, journalist, drag queen, and makeup artist whose accomplishments have been featured in popular TV and print vehicles, including the New York Times. She is featured prominently in promotional videos and print campaigns for The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau highlighting Fort Lauderdale’s welcoming environment.

Morgan Mayfaire

Morgan’s passion for building acceptance and equality for Trans people in society guides his work in the community. Named one of the Out 50 by South Florida Gay News in 2017, he co-founded TransSOCIAL, Inc. with his wife Ashley to link Trans people to resources he found difficult to access during his own gender transition from female to male. Morgan is a passionate advocate for HIV prevention and treatment programs in South Florida, participating in the South Florida AIDS Network, serving on Community Advisory Boards, as well as being named the At-Large Transgender Prevention Alternate for the 2017-2019 term of the Florida Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Planning Network, Prevention Planning Group. His personal history as a young feminist and member of Act Up and the Names Project inform his participation in multiple LGBTQ+ organizations, including a board seat at Pride Fort Lauderdale. When Morgan is not busy using his visibility as a Trans man to educate others about the Trans experience, you can find him tending to his orchid collection or modifying his Jeep Wrangler.

Nic Zantop

A longtime advocate for human rights, Nic Zantop (they/them) is the Deputy Director of Transinclusive Group, a Trans-led nonprofit organization serving South Florida’s Transgender and LGBTQ+ community, committed to linking Transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals with vital resources and support. They first became involved with Transinclusive Group’s work as a passionate volunteer and then as a consultant before joining the organization’s leadership team. They work closely with the Executive Director to provide administrative, programmatic, and strategic oversight. As an experienced advocacy and communications leader, Nic previously led marketing and communications efforts for one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ community centers. They currently volunteer as the Digital Engagement Co-Chair of the Human Rights Campaign’s South Florida Steering Committee and have served on multiple boards and committees for LGBTQ+ political engagement and advocacy organizations in Florida.

Rajee Narinesingh

Rajee Narinesingh is a mixed-race American transwoman of color activist, actress, author, spiritualist, show host, and reality TV personality.  Rajee shares her experiences with black market injections to educate people, warn the public about the risk, and hopefully save lives. She also has acted in a number of film productions, has released 2 singles (her most popular being the song “Stumble”), and has a memoir out called “Beyond Face Value.”. She has also appeared on seasons 2, 3 & 4 of the reality TV show “Botched” on the E! Entertainment Network. Rajee continues to focus on her global activism, touching the world in positive ways and spreading love and joy to all of humanity in her unique ways.

Tatiana Williams

Tatiana Williams is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Transinclusive Group, a Trans-Led organization founded in 2017; the organization’s mission is to advocate to protect and defend equality for all Transgender and LGBQ individuals in South Florida. Ms. Williams is  a council member of Equality Florida TransAction Council, Board of Governors for the Human Rights Campaign, a member of Broward County Hate Crimes Taskforce, the representative for the Broward County Integrated Prevention and Care Plan 2017-2026, which includes the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), BCHPPC Transgender Advisory Group Co-Chair and Transgender Law Center’s National Trans Agenda member (TA4L)

Tiffany Arieagus

Tiffany Andretta Arieagus is an American entertainer and pioneering LGBTQ+ advocate. She has worked tirelessly to advance the public perception of transgender lives, breaking down barriers since 1972. Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and marching alongside her inspiration (her mother) for civil rights, Tiffany has been a prominent and passionate voice for LGBTQ+ rights. Decades before the mainstreaming of trans representation in media, Tiffany began her career as a showgirl and stage sensation. Attending Adam Rourke’s Film Actor’s Lab and working with Assistant Director Lou Diamond Phillips in the early 80s she landed a big part on the iconic tv show Miami Vice. The winner of nearly 50 titles in transgender beauty pageants, including the coveted Miss Florida F.I. (1978) and Miss Continental (1982), Tiffany is exalted today by her peers as a decorated veteran of show business.

In 1999, after years of fundraising for the welfare of others, Tiffany answered a second calling to work directly on the frontline of healthcare. She became the welcoming face for newly diagnosed clients at the Wansiki Foundation, an AIDS Service Organization founded by Marie Wansiki. In 2003, she worked for Center One as a case manager for the Ryan White program. In 2007 she was hired as a Community Liaison for Broward County Health Department’s Girl Talk initiative gathering critical data within the transgender community. She went on to work as a Senior Testing Counselor at Care Resources Broward. Tiffany then transitioned to a role overseeing a caseload of 300 clients at Broward House as their Lead Housing Specialist for the Tenant-Based Rental Voucher Program (TBRV) while also providing community outreach, education, and linkage to care.  She is passionate about bridging the gap between underserved communities and state and local organizations, especially health services for those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. “People need a champion who will listen and help educate and empower them to advocate on their own behalf in order to achieve proper medical care and treatment.

She holds a BA in Dramatic Arts from the University of South Alabama, Mobile (1973) and was the founder and president of Genderations, a 501(c) 3 collaborative between Miami-Dade and Broward Counties providing support and education for the transgender community. She has garnered numerous awards for her dedication and service work including the Harvey Milk Foundation Diversity Honors award (2017). She is currently the Director of Case Management at SunServe, a social services agency addressing the needs of the most vulnerable members of the South Florida LGBTQ+ community.

Tommy Murrell

Thomas J Murrell is a Blatino trans bodybuilder/Personal Trainer. He is the owner of 3T Fitness lifestyle, which is a personal training company that helps people get into fitness as a lifestyle. He was the 2016 Transfitcon Champion and has been the subject of documentaries such as “My Trans life” and “Manmade.” He is currently a facilitator of the trans group called Transcendence and is on the Board of Directors of the Yes Institute and AHF Flux. He continues to support his community and gives a voice to the trans-masculine community.


Yahima Ocon

As a Hispanic transgender sexual assault and domestic violence survivor, she found healing through activism to ensure that others have a voice and justice. Coming from an immigrant family, it has given her the perspective and sensitivity to advocate for the advancement of immigrants especially those belonging to the LGBTQI+ community. She enjoys actively participating in outreach community events throughout the South Florida area and firmly believes that having a transgender voice and presence has a positive impact on the perception and stigmas surrounding the trans and LGBTQI communities. Striving for visibility, equality, and inclusiveness for the LGBTQI+ community has always been the driving force behind all of her activism and actions. Yahima has been an active participant in various organizations in the South Florida area since the early 90s to bring a voice for the transgender community. She is currently employed at Survivors’ Pathway as the Transgender Program Director, also theTrans Tenacity Committee community co-chair in Miami Dade County and a member of Emory University Compass Advisory Board. Yahima is the recipient of the 2020 Community Involvement Award by the Florida Department of Health and the 2021 NOVA Victims Advocate Honor Awardee.