Olivia Bergeron, the president of Spectrum at Nova University, explains the importance of protecting the dry community and trans siblings from a psychological perspective. She cites statistics that show trans youth are more likely to experience discrimination and violence, are four times more likely to experience a mental health condition, and are nine times more likely to have attempted suicide in their lifetime than their heterosexual peers. Olivia emphasizes that having open policies in schools and inclusive curriculum can improve the mental health status of all students, not just those in the LGBTQ+ community. However, anti-trans laws across the country are counterproductive to protecting the youth. Olivia believes it is important to provide safe spaces for children to learn, and the drag community can be one of those places. Drag queens reading stories to children in libraries can provide a space for everyone to learn, including those who do not see themselves in those people, as they need to learn that it is okay to be different.