Our Hotspots magazine is celebrating 38 years. It has been documenting the LGBTQ+ lifestyle and is the spirit of our HOTSPOTS Queer Entertainment THIS WEEK SPONSORED BY THE BROWARD CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS. In the LGBTQ+ community we always make jokes about Size Matters. When it comes to Broward Center.. Size Does Matter. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is the destination of choice for LGBTQ+ South Florida for spectacular entertainment in a large variety of performance venues. Broward Center ranks among the top ten most visited theaters in the world presenting more than 700 performances a year to more than 700,000 patrons. Broward Center is the home for LGBTQ+ entertainers, shows, Broadway, national drag performance, LGBTQ+ choral events and so much more. And Broward Center supports one of the world’s largest gay communities of Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and all of South Florida. They support that LGBTQ+ community and our nonprofits unlike any theater in South Florida. We are excited to tell you about the 2023 season that The Broward Center for Performing Arts will bring to our LGBTQ+ community. Did you know that surveys show that the LGBTQ+ community participates in live theater performances 2 ½ times more often than our straight counterparts. And that’s why they are the sponsor of Hotspots Queer Entertainment This Week.