Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has demanded an investigation into Disney after the company pulled a fast one on him amid a seemingly unending feud fueled by a battle over LGBTQ+ rights.

DeSantis’s demand comes after Disney made a stealthy move to prevent him from stripping the company of its long-held power over its tax district.

In a letter to Florida’s Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel, DeSantis reportedly accused Disney of attempting to usurp the authority of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board and requested a thorough review and investigation.

Disney and DeSantis have been feuding since the entertainment company spoke out against the governor’s anti-LGBTQ+ Don’t Say Gay law, which bans discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in lower grades and restricts them in higher grades, using language that LGBTQ+ activists say effectively ban mentioning LGBTQ+ people in the classroom.

After that, DeSantis not only continuously criticized the company in public, but he also oversaw the Florida legislature’s revocation of Disney’s decades-old special zoning agreement to punish them.

DeSantis isn’t the only one seeking vengeance for Disney’s move.

Florida House Speaker Paul Renner (R) also tweeted that “all legislative options are now back on the table” and accused Disney of seeking to evade public accountability similar to every other business.