Until recently, some of Sergio Aragon and Jesus Gutierrez’s biggest moments as the founders of Gay Pride Apparel involved seeing their designs out in the wild, including being worn by the likes of actors Lili Reinhart and Frankie Grande. Now they can add another milestone to the list: launching an exclusive collection at Walmart stores across the country in honor of Pride Month in June. In November 2022, an email from someone purporting to work for Walmart landed in Aragon and Gutierrez’s inbox.

The message asked whether Gay Pride Apparel would be interested in launching a Walmart-exclusive collection that would highlight LGBTQ businesses during Pride Month in June 2023. The couple ignored it, in the beginning, thinking it was a scam. After receiving a second email, they decided to respond and see if this was a real opportunity. Turns out, it was — and they are one of four small businesses participating in this seasonal event.

Their designs would even be displayed at their childhood “home base” Walmart near 51st Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix.

The couple is now based in New York City and runs Gay Pride Apparel as “a small and mighty team of two” while working from home. The company was launched in January 2019.