In this interview, Jennifer Kriz, Vice Chair of @OUTshineFilmFestival and President of Allison Management, discusses the 25th anniversary of the Outshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival in Miami with Fay. As a film producer, actor, and advocate for female-centered stories, Kriz speaks passionately about the festival’s mission to educate, inspire, and empower women through film.

Throughout the conversation, Kriz highlights the importance of volunteering in film events as a way to meet partners and make friends organically. She shares her own experiences of forming valuable connections through volunteering, emphasizing the benefits of working with like-minded individuals who share a passion for film.

Kriz also praises Mark Gilbert, a leader in the community who has played a pivotal role in saving the festival time after time. She acknowledges his dedication and commitment to ensuring the festival’s success and speaks to his importance in the LGBTQ+ community.