On May 12, Shawn Thierry broke ranks from other Democratic lawmakers in the state House of Representatives by voting in favor of SB14, a bill that seeks to restrict healthcare for trans youth by banning puberty blockers and hormone therapy until the age of 18.

After voting in favor of SB14, Thierry released a two-page statement saying she had been “assured that this position is rooted in sound policy which supports the health, development and overall wellbeing of minors”.

She also said she wanted an age restriction of 18 to be codified into law for gender-affirming surgeries – despite this already being medical practice.

In response to her votes, the Meyerland Area Democrats Club voted to censure Thierry on May 15.

The motion to censure Thierry was brought by club member Lisa Stanton, who has a trans daughter.

In April, Thierry also voted in favor of HB900, which regulates library materials sold to or included in public school libraries.

If enacted, HB900 would allow the agency to label the books that are being sold to schools as sexually relevant or sexually explicit material. The bill dubbed the ‘Book Burning Act’, has been heavily criticized as LGBTQ+ groups warn it could amount to outright censorship of LGBTQ+ themes, characters, and content.