Dear Andreus,

I recently met a guy, and we definitely hit it off.  I felt like he was a total match, until I found out that he was a flight attendant.  I have always heard stories about flight attendants and promiscuity.  He says that he wants to have a relationship with me, but how I am to know that he is not hooking up when he is traveling? I haven’t said any of this to him, but I am certainly struggling with how to move forward.  Any suggestions?

Sincerely Joshua P.

Dear Joshua,

The first thing you should ask yourself is – Has he given you any reason to not trust him? Also, it is fair to generalize based on what you have heard about flight attendants.  There is nothing factual about saying that flight attendants are promiscuous.  I think you have to examine how you feel about him, how he feels about you, and then take it at face value.  Maybe talk about it with him, but don’t assume anything or accuse him of anything.  At the end of the day, only you know whether this relationship is for you or not.