Beyoncé is known for putting on a flawless show, but it looks like her hat didn’t get the memo during her “Renaissance” tour stop at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. As she danced, the outfit’s towering bedazzled headpiece began sliding down her forehead, forcing Beyoncé to hold it in place with one hand as she continued with her choreography. She eventually ditched her chapeau altogether, tossing it offstage and moving on with the show. Footage of Beyoncé’s minor wardrobe malfunction quickly made the rounds on TikTok. Indeed, this isn’t the first time the Grammy winner has struggled with one of her costumes during this particular “Renaissance” track. On May 10, her wardrobe included a custom bumblebee-inspired Mugler costume with an antennae-adorned helmet that appeared to break onstage.