First Lady Jill Biden attended the Nashville Pride festivities Saturday to speak, sharing a message from her husband President Joe Biden and her that they stand with the LGBTQ+ community in Nashville. The First Lady spoke on the Equality Main Stage at the festival, which is fitting for the message she shared. She said there are those who wish to undo the progress the LGBTQ+ community has made, referring to the multiple bills state Republican lawmakers proposed this past legislative session such as the anti-drag bill — which was deemed unconstitutional by a Tennessee federal judge at the beginning of the month just in time for Pride. Dr. Jill Biden said that even though there are battles the community still has to face, this weekend is about joy and celebrating the beauty and resilience of the community. Her stop at Pride was brief before heading to another private political event in the area to speak. Mayor John Cooper accompanied her. Prior to their visit, barricades were placed near the stage to limit the crowd size, but Biden’s message was loud and clear.