450 anti-LGBT bills, 300 anti-abortion bills, and 54 anti-Black bills. Marginalized communities in 44 states have faced withering attack this year, with the Republican-Fascists in Florida leading the way. In this week’s Out South Florida, We The People say Enough! I talk with organizers of this weekend’s We The People March, set for this Sunday at nine a-m in Esplanade Park in Fort Lauderdale. I’ve covered many rallies, marches, and protests over the past couple years, but this one stands out. LGBTQ+ groups, like Safe Schools and SunServe, will be there. But they’ll be joined by women’s groups, black and brown groups, and more. And that’s the key. Create a huge coalition. When we allow ourselves to be compartmentalized, we miss the friends and allies right in front of us. Bertisha Combs of Florida Rising told me, “We embrace everybody. It doesn’t have to be the same political spectrum. Everybody realizes when rights are under attack.” AHF is organizing the rally here and similar events across the country this weekend, and Ebonni Chrispin says, “These bills across the nation aren’t just harmful, they’re violent. ” Anger and outrage haven’t had much success deterring blatant attacks by right wing officials, supported by vile, vocal minorities. However, Federal courts are beginning to strike down the laws and now is the time to standup with our brothers and sisters. To learn more about the We The People March, visit