Massachusetts is buying billboard space in places like Florida and Texas with a clear message for Pride month. The billboards say “Massachusetts For Us All” and feature pictures of LGBTQ+ couples in the Bay State. The billboards will also be put up in New England and New York In the recently issued statement, Maura Healey said that in the current situation when many states are restricting LGBTQ+ rights, Massachusetts is proud to be the safe and welcoming state. The statement said, “To anyone considering where they want to live, raise a family, visit or build a business – we want you to join us here in Massachusetts.” Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll said the state is a year-round destination for all and an inclusive place for LGBTQ+. The largest LGBTQ+ rights organization in the country issued a Florida travel advisory in May. The Human Rights Campaign says newly passed laws are hostile to the LGBTQ+ community and may pose risks to gay travelers. The group also says there are more than 100 bills in the Texas Legislature that could be discriminatory, including measures that would ban drag shows and gender-affirming care.