(L) Bobby Newberry: Dopamine Rollercoaster Cover Art / (R) Kristine W by Karl Giant

We all know that music has the incredible power to move us physically and emotionally.  Club music, in particular, has the unique ability to get people up on their feet. Beyond being a fun night out, it can also contribute to better health.  Whether you’re looking to increase cardiovascular endurance, burn calories, improve flexibility, or enhance your mental well-being, there is music to help you achieve your wellness goals.  Here are the summer’s best beats to take you where you want to be.

Physical Endurance and Stamina

As people engage in dynamic dance routines, they engage various muscle groups, including the legs, core, and arms, leading to improved muscular strength and endurance. Regular dancing can also increase lung capacity and oxygen intake, further enhancing overall physical fitness. This summer’s best album for a physical endurance and stamina workout is Bobby Newberry’s Dopamine Rollercoaster. High energy songs include “Escape”, a sultry house and disco track with a hypnotic baseline and “Blackout,” Newberry’s party-all-night-long record.  There is also “Freak,” Newberry’s high-octane duet with drag star Rhea Litre and “Ride”, his feel-good summer jam.  Bobby Newberry is a former choreographer for Eminem, Nicki Minaj, The Pussycat Dolls, Missy Elliot, and Lil’ Wayne, so he knows the best beats to get a body moving.

Flexibility and Balance

Club music helps people to develop a more agile and balanced physique by improving flexibility and balance with movements that involve stretching, bending, and reaching. Regular practice can lead to increased joint mobility, improved range of motion, and better posture. This summer’s best single for flexibility and balance is Paris King’s “Movie Star”.  With its wicked beat, synth vocals, and high energy pop sound, the feel-good track encourages everyone to walk the red carpet and strike fierce poses for the paparazzi… after all, we’re all movie stars!

Cardiovascular Health

When people dance, their heart rate increases, resulting in an effective cardiovascular workout that strengthens the heart muscle and enhances overall heart health. This summer’s best song for a cardiovascular workout is Kristine W’s “By My Side”. The soulful pop groove is a celebratory homage to the people in our lives who give us unconditional love, support and friendship.  For those looking for more intense workouts, there are remixes of the song by Smokin Jack Hill, John Keenan, and Dirty Disco’s Matt Consola.

Cognitive Benefits

Dancefloor music engages both the body and the mind, requiring people to learn and remember choreography or react spontaneously to the music. This cognitive engagement can lead to improved memory, focus, and coordination. This summer’s best song for cognitive benefits is John Duff’s “House on Fire,” a breezy throwback track with a groovy bassline, wistful melody, and a sophisticated string arrangement.  There is also a nifty TikTok dance that has already gone viral.  Even Paula Abdul, the legendary singer, choreographer, and American Idol judge has released her own version of the dance!

Calorie Burning and Weight Management

One of the most noticeable benefits of club music is its potential to burn calories. Dancing provides a fun and engaging alternative to traditional workout routines and when combined with a balanced diet, it, like sex, can assist in weight loss. An even better way for highly effective calorie-burning activity is combining dance with sex! It’s why our pick for this summer’s best album to shed the poundage is Colton Ford’s “Permission.” It’s a superb collection of contemporary R&B and pop songs. Most notably is Ford’s sexy little romp, “Handle It”.  It’s a steamy club groove that will literally melt the calories away.

Stress Reduction

When people dance, their bodies release endorphins, natural mood-enhancing chemicals that reduce stress levels and promotes a positive mental state. This summer’s best album for stress reduction is Tom Goss’ Remember What It Feels Like.  It is a 15-track collection of fast, fun, summery pop songs punctuated by beautiful ballads and raucous rock. It includes Goss’ newest single, “Enemy of Good,” an exuberant and cheerful pop track that is also a reminder that achieving perfection does little in the way of producing happiness so chill out, enjoy the summer and appreciate being you.