Dr. Martens, the shoe and boot company, is coming under fire for a custom pair of boots that celebrate transgender people. Conservatives are outraged that the company worked with Colorado artist Jess Vosseteig on a custom pair of boots that show a trans masculine person on the left boot and a trans feminine person on the right boot with rainbows clouds and stars in the background. Only two pairs of the boots were produced – one to give away as part of a contest and one for the artist herself – but even that was too many for the bizarre and aggressively anti-trans gadfly Chris Elston, who said that Dr. Martens sells boots to advertise cutting off the breasts of healthy girls. Anti-feminist activist Ian Miles Cheong asked “Doc Martens is celebrating transgender mastectomy. When does this end?” The shoe artist, Vosseteig said that she was very grateful to have been able to customize the pair of boots for the giveaway. The boots are a part of the company’s social media competition called DIY Docs, where artists customize a pair of boots and are then given away to someone. The company told PinkNews that it has always embraced diversity and it will continue to support creativity and freedom of expression.