Police have arrested a 17-year-old high school student on a hate-motivated murder charge in the fatal stabbing of a professional dancer O’Shae Sibley during an altercation between two groups of friends at a New York City gas station last weekend. Police took the teenager into custody Friday. Mayor Eric Adams, a former police captain held a news conference outside the Brooklyn gas station where Sibley was killed on July 29. He said, “Parents lost a child, a child, to something that was clearly a hate crime.” The stabbing occurred after the two groups got into a confrontation at one of the gas pumps, where Sibley was dancing with his friends to a Beyoncé song. Authorities said Sibley’s group was being taunted by the other group before the confrontation ended in violence. Beyoncé also paid tribute to Sibley on her website. According to Assistant Police Chief Joe Kenny, Sibley was stabbed once in the left rib cage. The initial encounter lasted about four minutes when Sibley and four other men stopped to refuel while traveling home to New York City from New Jersey. Authorities said the suspect arranged for his surrender through his attorney.