TV host Wayne Brady came out last week. People magazine ran an exclusive interview in which the 51-year-old revealed he’s pansexual. Brady’s announcement received a flood of supportive messages. However, there was also the usual “Why do you feel the need to come out?” type of reaction. And then there were people confused by the concept of pansexuality. Leading the charge was Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh, the creator of the anti-trans documentary What Is A Woman? In a segment posted recently, Walsh demanded Brady “pick a team”. Besides not believing in the existence of trans identities, Walsh struggles with the notion it’s possible to be attracted to more than one gender. For a start, Walsh’s argument that other people have a right to know “what team” you’re on flies in the face of the often-conservative argument that queer people don’t need to come out and should keep their business to themselves. Secondly, it suggests Walsh has a deep-seated fear of encountering men who may—just may—find him sexually attractive. Thirdly, it’s worth noting there’s a long conservative and US cultural tradition of expressing fear over Black men and their sexuality. Brady grew up in Orlando, Florida. He said he was very shy when younger and encountered bullying. He has struggled with his sexuality for some time.