New data released by the Human Rights Campaign reveals the virtually universal negative impact discriminatory legislation is having on LGBTQ+ adults. Don’t Say Gay laws, bathroom bills, and gender-affirming care restrictions for both minors and adults are negatively affecting a large majority of LGBTQ+ Americans. For trans people in states like Florida, the laws are an existential threat driving them to leave their homes. Eight in ten transgender and non-binary adults in Florida want to move or already have taken steps to move as a result of gender-affirming care bans. The same number would consider leaving the country altogether. More than half of trans people and 28% of other LGBTQ+ adults want to find work in a different state due to gender-affirming care bans. More than 36% of other LGBTQ+ adults say they want to or plan to move out of Florida because of gender-affirming care bans. And almost 80% of other LGBTQ+ adults report that bans on gender-affirming care make them feel less safe as a member of the community. For transgender and non-binary adults, that number rises to more than nine out of ten people. According to the HRC, there are currently 21 states across the U.S. that have enacted laws banning gender-affirming care. Collectively, they’re home to nearly 97,000 transgender youth aged 13 to 17.