Things are changing for the better in the NFL. Carl Nassib made headlines in 2021 by becoming the only active player to ever come out in the NFL, last month Jaguars’ coach Kevin Maxen became the first male coach to publicly come out, and now we find out there are out gay NFL cheerleaders too! After three seasons on the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading team Jose Capetillo and Brendan Ryan are now cheer captains, making them the first out gay men to ever lead an NFL cheerleading team. In an interview, Ryan told Queerty that becoming the first out gay captain felt surreal. Capetillo said, “Knowing that our teammates voted for us to be in this position is a really special feeling. It makes us feel super supported.” This is quite an accomplishment, but these two are used to breaking down barriers. During their rookie season, the Rams made it all the way to Super Bowl LIII, and Capetillo and Ryan were there to cheer them on alongside three other out gay cheerleaders. This marked the first time an NFL team had five out gay cheerleaders performing at a Super Bowl. Prior to joining the Rams, Ryan had never been to a Pride, but this year the cheerleading team got the opportunity to perform in West Hollywood Pride.