Ron DeSantis tried to silence drag queens. Yesterday, they were speaking out against him at the biggest event of his struggling campaign. The first primary debate between Republican candidates for president was on Wednesday. While the candidates, including Florida’s governor, met in Wisconsin, Wilton Manors became a home of the resistance. Hamburger Mary’s with Disney Defenders presented drag queens like Christine Christie, Donna Trump, Rhonda Santis, and Michelle Pence who took the stage at Mary’s and debated to prove which candidate was the most ridiculous. It was a tough challenge! While all the Republican candidates on the stage promoted their bona fides on restricting women’s health and punching down on the LGBTQ+ community, especially LGBTQ+ youth, one candidate drew the ire of the drag queens the most: DeSantis. He’s the one that got the ball rolling on drag bans. Last year, he used a regulatory body to intimidate venues into not booking drag entertainment. This year, the legislature put in place a very restrictive law on live drag. Yesterday, the very entertainers he targeted were ready to lambaste him.