The fight to allow people to control their own bodies and lives against overreach by Governor DeSantis and the legislature is daunting, but advocates keep innovating. An extreme 15-week abortion ban is already in place, and DeSantis’s even more cruel 6-week abortion ban is expected to go into effect soon after a legal battle. But Equality Florida won’t let them have the last word. The organization is requesting you be a part of the resistance, and wants to introduce us all to the newest member of the resistance: Charley! Charley is a chatbot — created by a team of reproductive health experts and abortion advocates — designed to help abortion seekers all over the country get private, personalized information about how to access an abortion. What makes Charley so special is its features like up-to-date resources and guidance. For Floridians grappling with the state’s increasingly restrictive abortion laws, Charley provides up-to-date resources and advice tailored to our unique legal landscape. Every interaction with Charley is private, secure, and anonymous. It is available 24/7, whether it’s midday or midnight. You can chat with Charley in Spanish or English. Equality Florida would like everyone to share Charley to help safeguard reproductive freedoms and autonomy which might lead the future for the entire LGBTQ+ community.