There was much breaking news in the last 24 hours as Smart Ride announced the end of the iconic ride when the 20th anniversary event happens in November. You can see the live interview on Queer News Tonight I did yesterday with Smart Ride founder Glen Weinzimer and Executive Director Todd Delmay. During the interview the news breaks that Delmay has accepted the new Executive Director position for SAVE.

SAVE is a vital LGBTQ+ Social Justice and advocacy organization in South Florida. Delmay announced he will become interim Executive Director of SAVE in October and will take on full responsibility for the organization in coming weeks after that. This will create a cascade of changes beyond Smart Ride. Delmay will resign as President of the Dolphin Democrats as SAVE is a non-political organization. Current Vice President Sabrina Javellana will become President. He is also well known for his work as President of The Hollywood LGBTQ+ Council and Hollywood Pride. He will end his term as President at the end of the year but will continue as President of Hollywood Pride. Delmay also announced he will close his 20+ year travel business to focus full attention on SAVE.

During the interview we discussed the incredible contributions current E.D. Orlando Gonzalez has accomplished for the LGBTQ+ community. Gonzalez announced early in the year that he would be moving on to other work. Delmay said Gonzalez will be assisting SAVE for a number of months. Sources close to Queer News Tonight indicated there were more than 30 applicants for the SAVE Executive Director and the finalists that were presented were not endorsed by the board. Delmay came as a late recommendation that has led to his selection.

Everyone at Queer News Tonight takes special note of Orlando Gonzalez’s contributions to LGBTQ+political social justice in Miami-Dade and all of South Florida. He has been a valued anchor here at Queer News Tonight. I ended the interview with Todd Delmay pointing out that his plate at SAVE will be very full in 2024 with the upcoming Presidential election.