Halo players and developers have come together to show support to the LGBTQ+ community after a prominent live streamer refused to allow trans women to participate in practice matches. On September 13, Esports caster and Twitch streamer Magick Moonshot came under fire when she made a post on X, formerly Twitter, stating that a ladies’ weekend scrims for the first-person shooter game would not include trans women. In her post, Magick wrote that her Discord server’s scrim would not feature trans players at all due to her Christian beliefs. She wrote, “I love and value all people and as a Christian, I believe God created people in his image as male and female. Therefore, I will not be allowing trans players to participate.” Halo players took the opportunity to voice support for trans gamers everywhere. One user wrote “Trans women are women, simple as that. Halo is for everyone. Gaming is for everyone.” Stef Sanjati, a Halo player and trans advocacy expert, said in an interview that she wasn’t shocked by the post, but that there was a deeply held concern for trans women who play in Halo esports. Sanjati added that the wave of support was great to see, especially in a space where she said marginalized groups have to “beg people to pay attention”.