Angelica Ross continues to shed light on the mistreatment she endured on the set of “American Horror Story: 1984.” After boldly speaking up about being subjected to transphobic comments from her castmate Emma Roberts and then getting an apology, the trans-Hollywood star is opening up about the awkward conversation. The “Pose” actress during an interview, explained that shortly after calling Ross out for misgendering her in front of co-star John Carroll Lynch, she reached out with an apology but it wasn’t a completely wholesome experience. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross shared that Emma apologized saying “’I hate that you walked away from our experience together feeling like that. I see in hindsight what I did and how stupid that was. I’m an ally.” Ross then replied to the apology during the interview saying, “No, you’re not. You can’t call yourself an ally. It is an action. You need to be real with me in this conversation. I’m being real with you. You were being messy.'” During the conversation, Ross also addressed an imbalance of power between African-American cast members and their White counterparts. According to Angelica, Roberts and Billie Lourd were able to make things happen with just their words and she was not sure if it was a mean girl situation or she was looking at a woman standing up for herself.