The Outshine Film Festival’s biggest day is on the horizon, and Saturday, October 28 at the Gateway Theater promises an incredible lineup that will captivate your senses.

Chasing Chasing Amy (USA): Dive into the quest of a filmmaker trying to understand how a divisive LGBTQ+ ’90s rom-com, “Chasing Amy,” saved his life. This exploration takes him on a journey that uncovers truths that will shape his identity. Experience the power of media representation and the impact of cinema on our lives.

️ All the Colors of the World (Nigeria): Join Bambino and Bawa in Lagos as they embark on a photography project, forming a deep connection during their city adventures. However, societal norms in a culture that views homosexuality as taboo put pressure on their budding relationship. Winner of the prestigious TEDDY Award for Best LGBT Film, this movie explores the unexpected places where love can be found.

Hidden Master (USA): Delve into the life and artistry of George Platt Lynes, a celebrated celebrity photographer. This documentary unveils his lesser-known yet vital work, depicting the male nude form in all its glory. Uncover Lynes’ influence as one of the first openly gay American artists through a stunning collection of photography from the 1930s-50s.

‍❤️‍ León (Argentina): Witness Julia’s journey as she copes with the loss of her partner and rebuilds her life to preserve her family and the restaurant they started together. “León” is a poignant exploration of relationships, finding joy amidst sorrow, and learning to live again when all seems lost.

Aligned (Greece): Two men with shared cultural heritage but living in different worlds cross paths in Athens and New York. Their connection transcends the dance floor, leading to a profound reflection on self-discovery, love, desire, and the complexities of human connection.

How to Be a Modern Man (Spain): Follow the humorous story of a strict, racist, homophobic tax official who faces an unexpected turn of events when transferred to the Ministry of Equality. Forced to work with those he despises, he must adapt or perish in this comedy of understanding. “How to Be a Modern Man” is a fun, fresh, and optimistic comedy with a powerful social message.

The Fantastic Golem Affairs (Spain): Enter a world of homoeroticism and magical realism as Juan discovers his friend David is a Golem after a peculiar accident. Faced with the world’s indifference, Juan embarks on a journey to uncover the truth. This film is a delightful ode to offbeat comedies of the ’90s, offering raunchy humor, blood splatters, and unexpected twists—a perfect feature for the Outshine After Dark Horror Theme for Halloween.

Get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience at the Outshine Film Festival on October 28. Join us at the Gateway Theater and immerse yourself in the magic of storytelling and diverse perspectives.