The 38th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) will roll out the red carpet on Friday, November 3rd, kicking off a 14-day festival filled with 200 films from 40 countries, including several with an LGBTQ+ theme.

In addition to the impressive lineup of films, directors, and producers, actors and special guests will walk the red carpet, conduct Q&A discussions, and mingle with attendees. An exciting lineup of parties and special events take place throughout the festival. Some of the most popular events of the week are the Opening Night Film, Red Carpet & Party on Friday, November 3, Gatsby Party at the luxurious Villa de Palma on November 4, Centerpiece Film & Party on November 9, and Intracoastal Elegance, a memorable evening under the stars at a private estate on November 11.     

Here is a list of the LGBTQ+ Films in alphabetical order:

Artist Unknown

Thursday, November 9 at 7pm at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood

Friday, November 10 at 6:15pm at Savor Cinema

Directed by Cinder Chou, who will be in attendance 

Juniper, an insecure martial artist, must find out the origins of a painting after two thieves try to steal it from her. This fun, suspenseful, clever film is a delight. Chou’s script is fresh and inventive. She cast a talented group led by Kerry Lacy and Sonia Mena in the leads. The supporting ensemble each hold up their end as well. 


Thursday, November 16 at 9pm at Savor Cinema

Directed by Erynn Dalton

Filmmaker and select cast members will be in attendance

Set in the steamy, spooky underworld of New Orleans, Big Easy Queens is 80 minutes of pure queer horror with original musical numbers, voodoo, zombies, drag queens, and campy delight soaked in blood, gristle, and glitter. In this righteous “glam horror” extravaganza, Big Easy Queens follows Minnie Bouvée, Mob Queen of the Quarter, and her rivalry with her arch-nemesis, Poodles Makenzie. After Minnie Bouvèé has Poodles Makenzie’s crew brutally slaughtered, she braces for the blowback; what she doesn’t expect, however, is to be stalked by a creepy masked figure who leaves behind bouquets of gardenias and terrifying notes. Is this Poodles’ revenge, or the work of Minnie’s estranged sister who stole her man years ago and has suddenly reappeared in her life? 


Friday, November 3 at 3pm at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood

Wednesday, November 8 at 7:30pm at Gateway

Directed by Giuseppe Fiorello


Based on a true story. 1982, in the heat of a Sicilian summer, two teenage boys, Gianni and Nino, meet and fall in love. The relationship soon becomes a topic of gossip in the small town and despite their families’ objections the two dreams of living together, something the community is determined to stop. Italian with English subtitles


Monday, November 6 at 7pm at Gateway

Tuesday, November 7 at 3pm at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood

Directed by Erik Bloomquist, who will be in attendance 

Bridget, an aspiring actress with OCD, is shipped off to live with her father in a sleepy New England hamlet, only to discover her new room already has an occupant: the ghost of a boy named Kyle Donovan. Bridget’s high-strung nature immediately clashes with Kyle’s swaggering machismo, and she decides to help him pass on so she can be rid of him for good. But as she sifts through the chaos surrounding the night of Kyle’s death—and grows increasingly entangled with the people who knew him in life—the two forge an unexpected connection that makes it hard for either of them to let go. With heart, wit, and a few jazzy musical numbers, Intermedium ushers vintage romance into the modern day and explores how it truly feels to see one another.


Thursday, November 16 at 9pm at Savor Cinema

A Short Film (25 minutes) Directed by Peter Bisuito

A man afflicted with repressed memory loss due to a traumatic experience he suffered, cannot remember where his husband Dom is.

Le Temps d’Aimer (Along Came Love)

Sunday, November 5 at 5pm at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood

Directed by Katell Quillevere

Set in post-WWII France. A hotel waitress Madeleine who is mother to a little boy, meets a rich student François. The relation between them became so intense, but over time it is evident that François is trying to escape by entangling Madeleine’s destiny with his. Into this family comes an American serviceman, Jimmy, stationed in France. French with English subtitles 

Our Son

Thursday, November 16 at 7pm at Savor Cinema

Directed by Bill Oliver

A divorcing couple fight over the custody of their 8-year-old son in this riveting drama. Gabriel (Billy Porter) is a stay-at-home artist who assumes the lion’s share of duties taking care of his and partner Nicky’s son.  Nicky is the dapper breadwinner of the family.  The two seem as different as night and day, but they share passion for each other and a love for their child.

This film is one of the best dramas of FLIFF2023.  Porter and Evans are terrific, as are their supporting cast.  No matter your sexual orientation, you will see this story of two very good people on different trajectories sailing by each other without the benefit of gravity.  And, in case you were wondering, there are some very steamy scenes as well.

Cast: Billy Porter, Luke Evans, Robin Weigert, Andrew Rannells, Isaac Powell, Phylicia Rashad


Wednesday, November 8 at 5:30pm at Gateway

Directed by Blake Arthur, who will be in attendance 

Oliver, a recent high school graduate, is kicked out of his house after his parents find out he is gay. He struggles to make it on his own as he tries to find a way to pay for college. Oliver embarks on a local journey to a) find money for college; and b) find himself.

Shoulder Dance

Friday, November 3 at 6:30pm at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood

Saturday, November 11 at 7pm at Savor Cinema

Directed by Jay Arnold, who will be in attendance 

Best friends Ira and Roger haven’t seen each other in 24 years. When Roger arrives unexpectedly for the weekend, long suppressed desires dangerously resurface. As the boundaries of friendship, love, and sex collide, the strength of Ira’s long-term relationship with Josh is tested as never before.

FLIFF offers membership opportunities with many options to choose from, whether you want to just go to the festival, or add films year ‘round at Cinema Paradiso or Savor Cinema. For a complete schedule of the festival’s films and special events, information on tickets, membership, and sponsorship opportunities, visit or call (954) 525-FILM.