Here comes the new book edited by Ghislain Pascal, designed by Studio Kunze, and published by Kehrer Verlag. The new BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! book presents new works by more than sixty photographers from thirty countries including China, India, Iran, Poland, and Russia where gay rights are repressed and queer lives are under constant threat. The book will be available in the US starting on October 24, following the successful publication in Europe in May, with the book already on its second edition totaling 4,500 copies. It will be launched at the BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! exhibition at Craven Contemporary in Kent, Connecticut on October 28, followed by a book signing at Fotografiska New York on Sunday October 29 from 2-4 pm with editor Ghislain Pascal and photographers Michael Epps, Benjamin Fredrickson, JordanRiver Michaels, Sebastian Perinotti, Mauricio A Rodriguez and Sean Patrick Watters. What makes this book launch special is that $1 from each book sold will be donated to charities supporting the LGBTQ+ community and fighting the HIV / AIDS epidemic. BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is a platform from The Little Black Gallery, curated by co-founder Ghislain Pascal, that includes exhibitions and a bi-annual BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! magazine. The first BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! book was published in 2019, and the second in 2020, both of which are sold out. You can find out more at