As the leaves change color, so does the musical landscape, with artists from various genres delivering an electrifying array of infectious beats that promise to keep the party going all night long this Fall (Photo by Burst).

With empowering lyrics meant to resonate with the queer community, these fresh tunes are sure to inject a burst of pumpkin spice into gay clubs. So, put on your shoes and harnesses, embrace the autumn vibes, and let these new fire-y songs set your heart and the dance floor ablaze.

John Duff

John Duff

Somebody’s Daughter

John Duff’s latest single is about a phenomenon many young people face today.  They say they want love but then devote all of their energy on heated one night hook ups, rather than on relationships with substance.  Produced by Duff, along with Alex Delicata, Eren Canatta, and Luke Moellman, “Somebody’s Daughter” is a sexy Barry White boudoir style ballad that masterfully mixes sexy soul with funky R&B.    The accompanying music visual takes the fun one step further, with Duff turning the tables on gay baiting music artists like Harry Styles, Charlie Puth, and Nick Jonas.  He straight baits female viewers into believing they may have a shot with him.   As if.  It is a must see!


Roman – All Mine / Photo courtesy So Fierce Music

All Mine

The main message of Roman’s latest single, the third to address his failed marriage, is that we should never place the needs of someone else above our own.  It’s one of the mistakes Roman made and swears he will not do again.  With its playful retro vibe, “All Mine” is more optimistic and upbeat than his previous releases.  Produced by Velvet Code and written by Roman, the song comes from a stronger place, with a pulsating rhythm and anthemic chorus that signifies the artist is more confident in his individuality and is ready to focus on his own priorities.  We’re celebrating liberation and self-expression, people!  The remixes are by DJ Guy Scheiman, Tweaka Turner, Rob Moore, and Dario Xavier.


Parralox – Tears of Faith / Photo courtesy Camp Entertainment

Tears of Faith

The Australian electronic pop band, Parralox, fronted by out singer John von Ahlen, continues its mission to champion the synthesized wave pop sound of 1980s-era Depeche Mode, The Human League, and Pet Shop Boys.  Its latest single, “Tears of Faith,” featuring vocals by Jane Badler, is a down-tempo electronic dance arrangement about broken relationships and the hope for reconciliation.   Its accompanying visual, directed by Leanne Hanley, works to elevate the song by injecting a humorous Frankenstein meets Reanimator theme into the piece.  Essentially, the song and its video tell a classic tale of looking for love, finding it, and then being destroyed by it. 

Stewart Taylor

Stewart Taylor / Photo by Jacob Halter

Favorite Ex

In his latest single, out artist Stewart Taylor sings about an old flame he regretfully had to leave behind when he moved from New York to Los Angeles to pursue his pop star dreams.  The song merges eighties vibes with today’s pop and R&B and is the second ballad Stewart Taylor has written about his former lover.  His debut single, “Mess Your Hair Up”, released in 2019, is about him too.  Stewart says that years later, on a phone call, he thanked his ex for being so wonderful and told him that he was in fact, his favorite ex.  Produced by Romanian hitmaker MADS (David Guetta, Imagine Dragons), the song’s catchy melody is sure to get bodies moving and spirits soaring.  

Lady Camden

Lady Camden / Marco Ovando

Dirtiest Secrets

This tantalizingly filthy single from the RuPaul’s Drag Race star, unearths a new facet of creative prowess for the artist. The song captivates with its blend of raw emotion and musical artistry.  The gritty percussion and sinister synths create a sonic landscape that work to mirror the lyrical narrative’s exploration of hidden truths.  Lady Camden’s vocals are a standout feature, too.  They oscillate between vulnerability and strength and carry the weight of the song’s confessional tone. The chorus where Lady Camden proclaims she can be your lady is an infectious hook that lingers in the mind long after the track ends.