Transgender Awareness Week is observed every year from November 13 to 19. It is a week that celebrates freedom of sexual expression, inclusivity, and authenticity. This year, PornHub’s very own Brand Ambassador, Natassia Dreams was present to kick off the celebration. With a long list of extensive accomplishments within and outside the adult industry, she took the lead on Model Spotlights too. As a member of and advocate for the Black transgender community, Natassia celebrated individuality and self-expression by sharing a deeply intimate connection with fans from around the globe. She talked about her career outside of porn and an opportunity to shoot next to Queen Bee. PornHub interviewed many other influential trans stars of the site including AydenPOV, Trip Richards, and Rachael Wells. The website also changed its logo in support of the trans community. This not only made the PornHub professionals feel included, but the trans and the LGBTQ+ community on Reddit also praised the decision. It is not the first time the site has stood by the community.