Easter is coming. A poster in Seville, Spain, with a young Jesus in a loincloth, is causing arguments online. Some people like the new look, but others say it’s disrespectful to Jesus. Why? Well frankly, it’s a sexy Jesus. They think he should look more serious, like in old paintings. Created by renowned artist Salustiano García Cruz, the depiction is approved by the General Council of Brotherhoods for Seville’s Holy Week processions and portrays a serene, unadorned Christ without traditional symbols of suffering. However, critics are calling it sacrilegious, out of step with tradition, and gay. While around 14,000 signatories on are demanding its removal, García is defending his creation, citing its continuity with centuries of sacred art. The artist says it’s normal for Jesus to look attractive, especially in modern times. He claims to use his own son as a model for this poster. The General Council of Brotherhoods hasn’t listened to requests to change the poster before Holy Week in March. In the past, the council has taken down posters for other Catholic events when people didn’t like them. The Mayor of Seville, José Luis Sanz, is also in favor of this modern Jesus and says that not every poster for Holy Week can be alike each year. But the real question is does attractiveness equate to sexuality. And for the LGBTQ+ community does that mean Jesus is associated with sex?