The recent discussion on r/GayChristians engaged in the hypothetical scenario of Jesus living in contemporary society and the issues he would address. One user envisioned Jesus mirroring his actions from biblical times, dining with sinners, challenging religious leaders, and prioritizing Realm of God principles over cultural conflicts. Another user emphasized Jesus’ timeless nature, suggesting that while his methods of travel and communication might change, his teachings would remain consistent, focusing on healing, renewal, and revealing truths about the current age. The conversation expanded to include marginalized groups Jesus might prioritize, with mentions of the poor, homeless, sick, and LGBTQ+ individuals facing persecution. One commenter also speculated that Jesus would align with those targeted by conservative religious establishments, potentially intervening in situations where LGBTQ+ individuals or non-binary individuals faced discrimination. They envisioned scenarios where Jesus might affirm marginalized individuals while challenging societal norms and religious exclusivity. At Queer God Squad, we highlight such discussions as they underscore the enduring relevance of Jesus. As we navigate the complexities of contemporary society, it is important to uplift and affirm those on the margins, following in the footsteps of the one who embodied love and justice for all. If Jesus Walks America today, What would he say?